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Prinz Eugen

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The only Bandmaster-of-the-Army of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy was Andreas Leonhardt (1800-1866) who was musically educated in Vienna, Bratislava and Naples. He served in different regiments and was stationed in Naples, northern Italy and later in Graz where he attracted attention as a foremost regimental bandmaster on account of his activities. His honorary membership of the Philharmonic Societies of Bologna and Modena must therefore be construed as an especial token of musical achievement. In 1850 he was transferred to Vienna on special assignment and one year later he was appointed Bandmaster-of-the-Army. He remained in this position until his retirement in 1862 and did an extraordinarily fine job in this office for the benefit of band music of the Austro- Hungarian monarchy. One of the most popular of his model marches that were composed by him is “Prinz Eugen” (“Prince Eugene”), and above all, it is a march of European dimensions. This gem of a march is based on motifs of the soldier’s song that dates back to the early 18th century. During the years of the monarchy it was assigned as historical regimental march to Dragoon Regiment No. 13 “to commemorate Lieutenant General and Field Marshal Eugene, Prince of Savoy”. In addition it was in use as regimental march among Bavarian mounted units, and today it serves as official march of the Italian tank corps.

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