Poème Montagnard

Concert Band

Poème Montagnard
Poeme Montagnard

Concert Piece
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Jan Van der Roost received the commission for this work from the ‘Orchestre d’Harmonie du Val d’Aoste’ and dedicated the composition to Lino Blanchod, the conductor of the orchestra. The first performance was on 26th January 1997 by the orchestra itself and under the direction of the composer. This extensive symphonic poem depicts the atmosphere and history of the autonomous French speaking region ‘Val d’Aoste’ in northern Italy, and is meant as a musical homage to the historical figure Cathérine de Challant. The opening of this piece describes the rugged nature of this region dominated by Mont Blanc, the roof of Europe. A brief, combative passage conjures up the numerous wars fought here through the ages, later expanding into a surprising ‘Renaissance Dance’ with an original and fitting recorder quartet. A broad, lyrical theme portrays the love that has always played an important role here. After recapturing several of the earlier themes, the piece closes with the renaissance dance, this time played by the brass. A spectacular finale brings this symphonic poem to a close.

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