Paperhat Collection

Concert Band | Mixed Ensemble (Woodwinds/Brass)

Paperhat Collection

Concert Piece, Flexible Band, Vario 3, Flexible 3 Series
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This collection consists of five variations on the Dutch song “One, two, three four hats from paper” (“hoedje von papier”). It’s a song that tells people not to take everything so seriously.

1. Paperhat Soldiers
“Paperhat Soldiers” is a small military march but all the soldiers wear only hats made of paper. Listen to the basses that play “Hoedje von papier” for the first time.

2. Blue Papermoon
This variation tells the story of two lovers, who are very sad because they have to part. On their last evening they remember all the wonderful hours they spent in the moonlight.

3. Paper-rush dance
Paper rush might describe a “fast paper” like an express letter, but the composer actually thought of something different. He imagined a group of Russian dancers, who dance the fast traditional Russian Gopak.

4. My Paperdoll
This little waltz reminds of the story “The steadfast Tin Soldier” by Hans Christian Andersen: The tin soldier falls in love with a dancer made from paper, who is much too noble for a poor one-legged soldier. The high instruments stand for the elegant dancer and the low instruments symbolize the tin soldier. Here you can hear the song “Hoedje von papier” again.

5. Paper-Clip
The word „clip“ has several meanings. In English it can describe that something is cut, or affixed with a bracket or it can even mean a slap in one’s face. In German and Dutch it just means a clip like e.g. a paper clip, which yet in France is called trombone… Anyhow, in this case here it is simply about the video clip of a rock band.

Flexible trio with percussions/keyboard (opt.)

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