Norway Impressions

Concert Band

Norway Impressions
A Musical Journey

Norwegische Impressionen
Eine musikalische Reise

Concert Piece, Rhapsody
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Alfred Boesendorfer often uses elements of traditional music and characteristics of various cultural regions for his works. In the seven continuous movements of his composition “Norway Impressions” he takes us on a musical journey, describing the scandinavian country’s significant areas and attributes.

Festive maestoso sounds of a Hymn welcome us to the Norwegian Kingdom before we reach Sognefjord, Europe’s longest Fjord, stretching over 204 kilometers from the mountains to the sea. At the plateau Hardangervidda with its stunning lakescape, depicted by soft woodwind sounds, we suddenly get into Stormy Weather that luckily brightens up when we reach the region of Telemark. This county is named after ski jumping’s ideal foot landing position. Ski jumping is a Norwegian national sport, which both jumpers and audience enjoy – you can hear that from the jiggling staccato sounds in this part.
In the Setesdal valley we find some young men performing the traditional folk dance “Halling”. They are accompanied by a small group of musicians and a drummer. “Halling” is a very athletic solo dance where men can prove their sportiness and impress women with wild jumps. The most difficult move is the “kast”, which requires the dancer to kick a hat from a stick at least 2 meters high. The audience whoops as the dancers leap ever more wildly.
After this wonderful party we finally reach our destination, the Norwegian capital. And so we enjoy the Oslo Panorama with grand maestosos from the start of our journey.

1. Hymn
2. Sognefjord
3. Hardangervidda
4. Stormy Weather
5. Telemark
6. Setesdal/Halling (Folk dance)
7. Oslo Panorama

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