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Northern Thai Suite

Nordthailand Suite

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The mountainous region of Northern Thailand is also referred to as the „Lanna“ kingdom. This is a historic term that emphasizes the traditional independence of a country, which bears the stamp of its nature and folklore. The music communicates impressions of an overwhelming wealth of colors and portrays this Southeast Asian mountainous region in the form of a suite.

The first introductory section depicts the awakening in a hilltribe village in the morning mist, which often occurs in these regions situated high up in the mountains. Meadows that are full of sunflowers cover the mountainsides like carpets near Mae Hong Song. They are in full blossom after the rains each year. In terms of music the composition boasts minimalist traits and combines them with Asian pentatonic. The Buddhist cave temple of „Wat Tham Phra Sabai“ is a spiritual location which is located in the vicinity of Lampang.

„Khom Loy“ are large paper balloons that are shaped like lanterns. People make them ascend as lucky charms during special festivities, and sometimes hundreds of them illuminate the night sky. The music suggests the hovering of the balloons by letting the melody soar upward – into a solo of the piccolo that is followed by a trio of the mallets.

The Northern Thai song that concludes the suite is an adaptation of a traditional „Selemao“ originating in Chiang Mai. However, the harmonies as well as the middle section are free expansions of the composer. At the moment, Thorsten Wollman is living in Thailand again, where he worked as DAAD clinician on the staff of the Music Department of Payap University in Chiang Mai from 1996-2001. Many of his works for various instrumentations and styles are influenced by this Southeast Asian anthroposphere, for example a collection of piano compositions „THE THAI PIANO BOOK“ or „COLOURS OF SIAM“, which published as a CD featuring the WDR Big Band (In & Out Records).

This suite is the first work for band that is inspired by Thailand.

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