Nordic Suite

Concert Band | Mixed Ensemble (Woodwinds/Brass)

Nordic Suite

Concert Piece, Flexible Band, Vario 3, Flexible 3 Series
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A musical suite consists of several pieces that all relate to a certain topic, in case of the “Nordic Suite” that is Scandinavia and its countries.

1. Swedish March
Sweden is depicted by a march. When you stay for a visit in Stockholm, you should not miss the change of the royal guards. Many tourists watch this event, so you should arrive there in time to get a good view. You can hear the military band approaching from far away.

2. Hymn (from Finland)
Finland is known because of its famous composer Jean Sibelius. In his symphonic poem “Finlandia” he set the beautiful nature of his mother country to music. Kees Vlak was inspired by the wonderful melodies of “Finlandia”. Sibelius also wrote a famous waltz (“Valse triste”), which also appears in this movement as interaction between first and second melody part.

3. Troll Dance
In Norway you never see bright daylight during the winter months. Many myths and fairy tales developed in the last centuries, with many mysterious figures and creatures like elves, dragons, mountain kings and trolls. These trolls show their dance in this movement, a waltz, which is not a graceful Viennese waltz, but a forceful mountain dance based on a pedal tone. Timpani and tambourine play the NACHSCHLAG and that sounds as if the mountain king was stepping out of his cave. In the middle part you hear a beautiful Norwegian melody, lovely like the song of a princess. The troll dance reappears and gets faster and faster to the finale.

4.Danish Blue
„Danish Blue“ actually means „sad as the Danish“, which is not deeply saddened but rather a humorous sadness with a twinkle in the eye. Many buffoons, clowns and entertainers are from the modern country Denmark and the only kind of music that fits in here is rock!

Flexible trio with percussions/keyboard (opt.)

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