Noche Buena

Concert Band

Noche Buena
Heilige Nacht

Spanish Christmas Fantasy
Spanische Weihnachtsfantasie

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1. Las Posadas
2. Fum, Fum, Fum
3. Ya Viene La Vieja

In his fantasy “Noche Buena”, as the Spaniards call Christmas Eve, Llano familiarizes us with Spanish Christmas customs and embeds three traditional songs in a varied Explora work. A fiery introduction in the style of a Paso doble, spiced with an accompaniment of clicking castanets, takes us directly to one of the sunniest countries in Europe. But not only the climate distinguishes the Spanish Christmas from the local: Instead of decorated fir trees are large cribs very popular and everywhere you can see colorful fairy lights. It is Santa Claus who brings gifts, but the “Reyos Magos”, the three wise men, in whose honor, on January 5, major parades are organized. Another tradition is “Las Posadas”, as well as the title of the quiet song, which adjoins the opening part. Las Posadas are pre-Christmas celebrations that start nine days before Christmas and depict Mary and Joseph's search for a hostel on the way to Bethlehem according to the Augustinian tradition. The central part of the Christmas Fantasy “Noche Buena” was secured by the Catalan Christmas carol “Fum, Fum, Fum” from the 16./17. Century. Fum, which amounts to the word smoke, already points to a mysterious mood, which is illustrated by a characteristic rhythm on the tom-toms and a hovering flute above it. Finally, the traditional Spanish Villancico “Ya Viene La Vieja” rounds off the fantasy in a dance-like 6/8 rhythm. Tenderly expressing the melody expresses the joy of the birth of Jesus and leads at the end of a long accelerando with crescendo to a spirited conclusion.

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