Music for Life

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Music for Life

Concert Piece
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"Music for Life was comissioned by the members of Community Band South, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - james Bennett and Dean Streator, founders/directors - on the occasion of the band's 20th Anniversary in 2007.

Community Band South was dormed in 1987 to provide the opportunity and place for former high school and college band members who enjoyed the experience to continue to play. The band's motto is thus "Music for a Lifetime" and this suggested the titel for the commission.

Philip Sparke wanted to reflect the positive aspects of both the band's philosophy and the energy suggested by the chosen title by producing a work that is always full of life and vitality, even in its more reflective moments. Because of this, the piece is almost totally melodic, relying little on development or other formal devices.

A series of lively melodic stateements are presented before a slower central section is introduced, designed to showcase the Community Band South's talented clarinet section. But the moment of reflection is short-lived and the livelier music returns to end the work in the same spirit that it started.

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