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To select a musical inspiration for this composition, the choice of an important historical composer was very easy: none other than Johann Sebastian Bach and his choral arrangement "Herr Jesu Christ, dich an uns wend". The title “Mosaichoralmente” comes from two Italian words: "Mosaico" and "Coralmente" (like a choral). A suitable translation would be "choral mosaic". The first five ascending notes of the major scale, which form the choral melody, also initiate this fantasy for wind band. The piece begins as a chaconne, the band developing from a smaller group, sounding like a chamber ensemble, to a large tutti in bar 17. The theme, appearing in the tenor voice at bar 23, is taken from the second part of the choral. Using a great modulation we reach allegretto grazioso in bar 37. It is written in the style of Bach’s two-part-inventions for piano – here it is based on the five ascending notes of the minor scale. The following doppio movimento is a free treatment of the thematic material, which is fragmented into mosaic-like elements at a quick tempo. In bar 76 the choral theme is presented by bright brass sounds. After that we go beyond the harmonic scope of the theme, sounding over a rhythmized ostinato pedal point played by the bass instruments. The music seems to lose its course and we expect it to crash somewhere "against a wall". But then a timpani roll leads to the first complete presentation of the choral in a large tutti sound, written as a classical choral setting in the typical style of Bach.
Thiemo Kraas, December 2012

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