Mazury Rhapsody

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Mazury Rhapsody

A Journey to Poland

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“Mazury Rhapsody” is a Polish rhapsody by Alfred Bösendorfer, and the musical sphere of its introduction consequently is determined by the polonaise, the national dance of Poland. A sentimental, Slavic sounding motif of a violin leads over to a rubato dance. After that the music changes in mood, it becomes much more accelerated. A galop is heard, which is to depict the horsemen of the Voyvode. The next section is an elegant mazurka, and it is this type of dance that lends it name to the entire rhapsody. The pealing of bells and singing is heard in the distance. This impression flows into a native folksong. The horsemen of the Voyvode once again storm to the fore, while the rhapsody takes up in the finale the polonaise chords of the beginning.

It should not be astonishing on the one hand that this music reminds us of melodies by Johann Strauss II, while, on the other hand, it is determined by national dances of Poland, such as the mazurka, the polka, the polka-mazurka, the polonaise and other Slavonic motifs. It certainly deserves to be emphasized that these dances constitute a major source of inspiration for the composer. In this rhapsody and comparable works it is his especial concern to capture in music both the character and nature of different people and countries.

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