May the Road Rise

Concert Band

May the Road Rise

- based on a Traditional Irish Blessing -
Solo Violin (opt. Flute / Bb Clarinet)

Concert Piece, Solo for Flute, Solo for Clarinet, Solo for Violin, Solo
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Irish Blessings meet us in the field of literature and music in a variety of ways and enjoy great popularity for many years. German composer and teacher Markus Goetz has created a moving setting of such a blessing in the form of a ballad for solo violin and wind band with the work May the Road Rise, based on the traditional Irish tune. This piece was composed for the Youth Wind Orchestra of the City of Zell (Black Forest) and was premiered in December 2018. The soloist was the young violinist Fabian Girod.

The sensitivity of May the Road Rise is able to address and touch listeners in a very direct way. In addition to performance at annual concerts, the special acoustics of a church hall can impressively intensify this effect once again.

Musical Note:
The solo part can be played by a violin as well as flute or clarinet.

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