Lord of Seven Seas

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Lord of Seven Seas

A Journey into the Future

Concert Piece, Overture
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The plot of this overture takes place in the year 3000 A.D. At that time traffic between the earth and the planets relies exclusively on space flights. War as a last resort to “settle” arguments between people on earth no longer exists. There is only one gigantic spacecraft which is able to navigate both above and beneath the surface that supervises the oceans. This vessel, the “Lord of Seven Seas”, is a hundred times larger than the “Nautilus” or the “Titanic” and must not be compared to any ship of our times.

In the introduction of the overture, the gigantic vessel is presented by employing a musical style which is commonly associated with space flights.
The introduction is followed by a fragment, which evokes the wild fury of rain and storm, and therefore reminds us of the story of the “Flying Dutchman”.
The middle section is written as a barcarole. The vessel investigates the local fauna in the depths of the Arctic Ocean. People on board enjoy the calmness as well as the variety and beauty of the animals.
In the final part, the gigantic vessel emerges from below the surface and climbs to high altitudes flying from one ocean to the other. The magnificent finale portrays once again the incomparable sight which is offered by the impressive “Lord of Seven Seas”.

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