Lord of Seven Seas

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Lord of Seven Seas

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Lord of Seven Seas - La Gazza Ladra (Die diebische Elster) - Clarinessa - Kap Arkona - Polonez - Blaze Away (Feuert Los!) - Sonatina Classica per Banda - Celtic Flutes - Caffee Variations - Mein Regiment - Pavane pour Bowine - 3 Tops - Großherzog Friedrich von Baden - Alte Kameraden


02. La Gazza Ladra (Die diebische Elster-Ouvertüre)

Gioacchino Rossini (arr. Gian Luca Gardini)

00:09:58 Music
03. Clarinessa (Solo for Clarinet)

Pavel Stanek
Solist: HptFw Michael Wolf

00:05:25 Music
05. Polonez (Farewell to the Homeland)

Michal Kleofas Oginski (arr. Kazys Daugela)

00:04:25 Music
06. Blaze Away (Feuert Los!-Marsch)

Abraham Holzmann (arr. Siegfried Rundel)

00:03:18 Music
08. Celtic Flutes (Solo for 2 Flutes)

Kurt Gäble
Solisten: HptFw Christoph Schmitz, HptFw Gregor Büdenbender

00:08:01 Music
10. Mein Regiment (Marsch)

Hermann Ludwig Blankenburg (arr. Siegfried Rundel)

00:03:51 Music
11. Pavane pour Bowine (Solo for Piano and Band)

Kees Vlak
Solist: OTL Walter Ratzek

00:05:54 Music
12. 3 Tops (Solo for 3 Trumpets)

Luigi di Ghisallo
Solisten: HptFw Uwe Berning, OStFw Heinz Rehring, OStFw Herbert Wolf

00:02:43 Music
13. Großherzog Friedrich von Baden (Marsch)

Karl Haefele (arr. Siegfried Rundel)

00:02:31 Music
14. Alte Kameraden (Marsch)

Carl Teike (arr. Siegfried Rundel)

00:03:00 Music
Total time 01:11:46

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