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In aller Kürze

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Thomas Asanger was born in Linz in 1988 and grew up in Perg (Upper Austria). After his graduation in 2007, he did fourteen months of service with the military band of Upper Austria. During that time he began bassoon studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna on scholarship from the ministry of education and cultural affairs. Since 2008 he has studied music education, majoring in choir conducting; in 2013 he added studies in vocal pedagogy. From 2011 to 2013 he worked as musical assistant at the Theater an der Wien for the series ““Jugend an der Wien“. Since 2014 he is an associate at the institute of music analysis, theory and history at the University of Music in Vienna.

In 2012, Musikverlag RUNDEL published Thomas Asanger’s impressive concert piece BLUE HOLE. This composition earned him broad popularity in Germany.

IN ALLER KÜRZE was commissioned by Musikverlag RUNDEL in 2014, conceived from the start as a so called Stundenchor (unknown, one hour preparation time test piece) for the band competition of the district association Biberach (Baden-Wuerttemberg). The title of the composition IN ALLER KÜRZE means „very briefly“ and is not only suggestive of the short time a band has to rehearse the piece, but also on the conciseness of the musical information within the piece. The ensemble receives the music just before the competition. The conductor must then rehearse the most important passages IN ALLER KÜRZE (very briefly) before performing for the jury. Also, the piece offers many different tone colors in a very brief time, presented in an arch-shaped framework. An imposing maestoso heralds both the beginning and end of the piece. However the middle section presents a soft moderato and a march-like passage in 6/8 time. The composition fulfills a saying by William Shakespeare: “Brevity is the soul of wit.” The varied parts of Thomas Asanger’s concert piece IN ALLER KÜRZE also result in a kind of short story:

M. 1-20 Maestoso
M. 21-36 Moderato tranquillo
M. 37-45 Appasionato
M. 46-122 Tempo di Marcia
M.123/124 Grave
M. 125-136 Maestoso

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BDMV-Selbstwahlliste RUNDEL-Werke
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BDMV-Selbstwahlliste RUNDEL-Werke

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Download: In aller Kürze - Percussion 3
PDF 19.04.2018

Download: In aller Kürze - Percussion 3

PDF 261.16 KB
"In aller Kürze" von Thomas Asanger wurde für die Vorschlagsliste Orchesterpercussion D3 der Bläserjugend Baden-Württemberg (BJBW) ausgewählt. Hier können Sie die Einzelstimme Percussion 3 (Triangle, Tam Tam, Wind Chimes, Snare Drum, Bass Drum, ...

VIDEO 27.08.2014

In Aller Kürze (Thomas Asanger)

"In Aller Kürze" von Thomas Asanger in einer Aufnahme der Militärmusik Oberösterreich unter der Leitung von Harald ...


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