Hernando's Hideaway

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Hernando's Hideaway

Hernandos Hideaway
Cha Cha for Winds and Latin Percussion

Light Music, Schlager, Cha Cha
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The song "Hernando's Hideaway" was written for the musical "The Pajama Game" by Jerry Ross and Richard Adler in 1954. The lyrics are about a dark, somewhat infamous place called "Hernando's Hideaway", where all those who shun the light of the public find a discreet hiding place: crooks, petty criminals and secret lovers. According to the lyrics, one sees only dark silhouettes and hears nothing but rattling castanets in Hernando’s hideaway.

Thus, the main theme actually begins dark and cautious, real castanets are clinking. A gripping, not at all cautious piece of music in a Latin-American style soon develops. The percussion register plays an important role and can be equipped with up to thirteen different instruments. Although the song was originally designed as a tango, Stefan Schwalgin has chosen a cha-cha-groove for his arrangement to be able to stage the rich Latin percussion more effectively. The percussion group even shines with a solo mambo intermezzo.

The arranger has taken the title "Hernando's Hiding Place" literally in a way, because he has "hidden" the melody of another, very well-known tango song in the orchestra in two sections. Do you recognize it?

Serie Sound Classics No. 42

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