Festmusik der Stadt Wien

Concert Band

Festmusik der Stadt Wien

Wiener Fanfare, AV 134/TrV 287

Concert Piece, Opening Piece, Fanfare
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A5 landscape
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Richard Strauss (1864-1949) is revered not only for his programmatic orchestral music (tone poems) but also for his many songs and operas. Beyond his enormous importance as composer, conductor and theatre director he redefined the role of the artist. He promoted fair wages for the composer and compared the musical profession to that of law or medicine. This point of view was totally new in his days and encountered resistance. In 1903, due to Strauss’ commitment, the “Genossenschaft deutscher Tonsetzer” (Consortium of German composers) was founded, chaired by Strauss himself, as well as the royalties society “Anstalt für Musikalisches Aufführungsrecht” (Institute for performing rights). Richard Strauss completed “Festmusik der Stadt Wien” on January 14, 1943 in Vienna. Between 1942 and 1944 Strauss and his wife were wintering there, and during their first stay Strauss was asked to compose this work for the “Trompetenchor der Stadt Wien” (Brass Choir of the City of Vienna), a famous ensemble founded in 1926. The “Festmusik” is dedicated to the Vienna municipal council in gratitude for the Beethoven Award. This work reveals Strauss’ interest in writing for wind instruments. He later extracted a brief version from it that served as basis for this arrangement for wind orchestra.

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