Europa Hymne

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Europa Hymne

Schlusschor über Schillers Ode "An die Freude" aus der Sinfonie Nr.9 d-moll, op.125

Concert Piece, + Vocal (ad lib.), Hymn
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In his early period of creativity, the famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven dedicated some of his works to heroes, e.g. Egmont, Coriolanus or Fidelio. Beethoven also admired Napoleon Bonaparte and expected from him to bring unity and peace for all men. He therefore dedicated his third symphony, entitled “Eroica” to him. However, when Napoleon crowned himself “emperor of all mankind” several years later, Beethoven was utterly displeased and cognized that Napoleon too merely strived for personal power and glory. Deeply disappointed he discarded the score of his “Eroica”. Although Beethoven had become completely deaf towards the end of his life, he wrote yet another symphony. This last symphony of his, his Ninth boasts the most magnificent finale to which a composer ever was inspired. In it he cognized that honor is due only to the creator of heaven and the earth, and in this music, Beethoven pronounces his true dream: “Brotherhood unites all men.” In 1972 the decision was reached to make the finale of the Ninth Symphony the European anthem.

Alfred Bösendorfer specially arranged this piece for the Explora Series in an interesting and varied way. The anthem may be performed together with a choir (unison) in German and English.

eXplora Grade 1+
eXplora Disc 06

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