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“Deutschlandbilder” (Pictures of Germany) is a beautiful tone painting, dignified, but also full of wit and with a joyful wink. This is why Alfred Boesendorfer subtitled his composition „Capriccio”, a playful and humoristic piece. Beside his own motifs he cites German folk tunes and children’s songs like “Der Butzemann” (The Bogeyman) and “Es klappert die Mühle“ (The Mill by the Stream) which he skillfully integrates into this compelling anthology. We can also hear references to Richard Wagner and Jacques Offenbach. Wait a minute … Jacques Offenbach? A French composer in a piece about Germany? Jaques Offenbach was born as Jakob Eberst in Cologne in 1819. His father changed the family name later and referred to the hometown of Offenbach on the Main. When studying in Paris, Jakob changed his first name to its French version and became Jaques Offenbach. No one else mastered musical satire like him, caricaturing politics, military, important persons and the morals of his times as well as the “typical German” attributes in an incomparable way. In “Deutschlandbilder” Alfred Boesendorfer drafts impressions of Germany and the Germans from different angles in all their beautiful and rich variety – from subtle devotion, an elegant polka and the majestic Rhine to exuberant Adam and his sons – with the humoristic style of Jacques Offenbach shining through.

“Deutschlandbilder” (Pictures of Germany) contains the following parts:

- Pastorale
- Waldandacht
- Im Albgau (Elegante Polka)
- Waldesruf
- Am Rhein
- Alemannentanz
- „Doktor Eisenbarth“
- „Adam hatte sieben Söhne“
- „Der Butzemann“
- Gaudeamus igitur

Alfred Bösendorfer’s work “Pictures of Germany” continues his series of characteristic national pieces composed for RUNDEL Music Publications. The best known to date have been the “Little Hungarian Rhapsody”, “Slovenia”, “Le Nozze Veneziane” (Dream Wedding in Venice) and “Scandinavia”.

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