Colorado River

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Colorado River

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Concert Piece
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The mighty Colorado River is about 1450 miles long and runs from the snow-covered Rocky Mountains through the USA and Mexico to the Gulf of California. In his composition COLORADO RIVER Kees Vlak sets this journey to music. In the Rocky Mountains the COLORDO RIVER rises as a small stream. Quietly it purls through green mountain meadows. The main theme is presented and chimes symbolize the flowing water. The larger and more rapid the river grows, the more often you will hear the water motif. Massive chords stand for the mountain ranges and the main theme is repeated in a pastoral style. By changing to alla breve the small stream becomes a huge river. Crescendi and decrescendi symbolise the rapids. The river’s long way through America is depicted by changing musical motifs. The stream is now so rapid that swimming in it is impossible. It passes a western city where people are dancing country style before it rushes into the Grand Canyon and searches its way through this million-year-old formation. Suddenly there is silence as the river flows into the massive dammed-up Lake Mead. With a majestic coda COLORADO RIVER comes to a close.

The River Valley - Country Dance - The Grand Canyon - The Great Lake

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