Christmas Drummer Boy

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Christmas Drummer Boy

based on a famous tune

Music for Christmas, + Vocal (ad lib.)
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A famous American Christmas carol tells the story of a little boy who was too poor to bring Jesus a gift. The only thing he could offer was a song on his drum. When the baby Jesus gratefully smiled at him, the little drummer boy knew that his message had arrived. Based on a Czech folk song, originally an a-cappella song with melody in the soprano and a constant rhythmic motif in the male voices. For wind orchestra, the structure of the work is established, which led Kees Vlak to rework the melody for young instrumentalists in his CHRISTMAS DRUMMER BOY, which touches on modesty. The repetitive rhythm is completely dedicated to the snare drum, in an ideally exposed place on stage for performance. The melody is first performed by clarinets and alto saxophones in a sonorous setting. Only in the second stanza enter the upper woodwinds and brass and a pompous Tutti sounds, which can be supplemented with a vocal part and an optional recorder part. A collaboration with a children's choir or recital group is thus created. In addition, you can certainly encourage your audience to sing along, which gives each Christmas concert a beautiful ending. Especially as the end of the composition CHRISTMAS DRUMMER BOY flows into a peacefully evanescent piano that brings belief in the miracle of Christmas.

eXplora Grade 1+
eXplora disc 20

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