Chrissy Variations

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Chrissy Variations

Concert Piece, Flexible Band, Vario 3, Flexible 3 Series, Variations
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Chrissy is Kees Vlak’s granddaughter. He composed his piece “Chrissy Variations” for her, drafting a musical picture of the relationship between he and his grandchild.

After a four measure prelude the Chrissy theme is introduced in 2/4 time. Chrissy prefers 2/4 over 3/4 or 4/4 because it is so lively.

Variation 1 "On all fours"
Grandpa disagrees and therefore writes the first variation in 4/4 time. The melody is the same, but he adds ornamentations to fill four beats per measure.

Variation 2 "Chrissy is sad"
To Chrissy this is not funny at all and she gets sad; so this variation is in a minor key. “Why am I supposed to play so slowly?” she asks, “I’m not a little girl anymore!” (Minore means small and minor.)

Variation 3 "Chrissy is angry"
Chrissy is really upset because of the slow meter and out of spite she plays many inappropriate notes, or "dissonances".

Variation 4 "Laying the puzzle"
Grandpa wants to make up with Chrissy so they do a puzzle together. To start, Chrissy is still sad (minor), but the more complete the puzzle gets the merrier Chrissy becomes. In the end she is very happy because she and Grandpa accomplished the puzzle (major).

Variation 5 "Chrissy is happy"
Chrissy is now very happy and cheerful and dances with Grandpa. Chrissy does very fast dance moves (melody), but Grandpa can only do a heavy “om-pah-pah” (bass).

Finale "Chrissy’s Party"
The rest of the family arrives and they celebrate together. Chrissy and her sister dance a typical Russian dance (gopak) where they have to crouch down. Mum, Dad, Grandma and the dog dance along, and Grandpa...well, Grandpa has an idea: he wants to compose a piece about this story.

Mixed Trio with opt. Percussion/Keyboard

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