Cartoon Spectacular

Concert Band

Cartoon Spectacular

Film Score and Movie

Concert Piece, Movie Music
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RF 255 x 325 mm (Score) + DIN A4 (Parts)
Full Score + Parts
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Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, Donald Duck and other (more or less real) characters of movie history were the inspiration for this brilliant little composition. The American cartoon film of the 1930’s and 1940’s established not only a visual, but also a musical style that still today is significant for the genre. Composers like Carl Stalling and Scott Bradley developed a special tonal language, the music meticulously and synchronously accompanying the action and intensifying audience perception. The typically tumultuous plots distinctively set the musical atmosphere: Wild chases, steep falls, fights and all make the music burst with vivid excitement. “Cartoon Spectacular” transfers this celluloid language very successfully to the wind band. The composition tells a cartoon story that is detailed in the score. Briefly, the plot is about a tomcat. He wakes up, discovers a bird and – how could it be different? – chases him around. In doing so they both audibly cross a busy street. After a long fall, the tomcat catches sight of a beautiful lady cat and begins to court her. However, his clumsiness makes her finally chase him away in a fury. While the tomcat has the blues, the bird returns and cheers up the poor guy. Tomcat and bird dance a joyful waltz, until the tomcat regains appetite and goes for the bird again.

CARTOON SPECTACULAR (Film Score and Movie)

The Storyboard:

01. Fanfare
02. Opening Credits
03. The Tomcat Awakes
04. His Morning Walk
05. The Bird
06. The Cat Stalks the Bird
07. The Bird Escapes
08. Chase
09. The Street
10. Fall
11. The Lady Cat
12. The Cat Romancing
13. Misadventures ...
14. ... Turn into a Disaster
15. The Lady Bolls with Rage
16. She Chases Him Away
17. He Has Got the Blues
18. The Bird Comforts Him
19. Cat's and Bird's Jolly Dance
20. The Cat Gets Appetite ...
21. ... and Chases the Bird Again

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