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CAFFEE Variations

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The majestic Lichtenberg Castle is located in the vicinity of the western Palatinate city of Kusel. It houses a musicians’ museum that is worth visiting. This museum is dedicated to the Palatinate migratory musicians who were forced to perform in small groups abroad. It was an area of utmost poverty. The land did not allow farming, and there were no other possibilities to find any work. This is why so many men did become musicians. They went to play music in Paris, London, even in New York, Berlin and so on.

When the Dutch composer Kees Vlaak was awarded a prize there, he sat down in the tower chamber of Lichtenberg Castle and began composing. His “C-a-f-f-e-e Variations” are his way to express his gratitude and he selected an interesting subtitle for his work: “How migratory musicians from the Palatinate drank their coffee all over the world.”

Variation 1 therefore refers to Ireland and Irish Coffee.
Rüdesheim on the Rhine is described in Variation 2.
The tarantella of Variation 3 alludes to a fine capuccino.
Variation 4 comes from Moscow, where vodka is served with the coffee.
Variation 5 introduces a fine Alpine mocca.
Variation 6 is dedicated to the Vienna melange and the capital of Austria.
Finally Variation 7 evokes the memory of the "Folies Bergère" and the "Moulin Rouge" of Paris - French coffee with Grand Marnier.

The "Caffee Variations" is a hilarious, almost ingenious composition and a lot of fun for both musicians and listeners.

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