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Battle for OneWorld!

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Chapter 11
Battle for OneWorld! ...
battle cry of the Darkseekers!
Composed by © Curt DeMott IGNA 27 April 1996
Commissioned by Stephen Melillo, USA

Dedicated to those, whose voices,not yet heard, are offered with unyielding faith, zeal and conviction...despite the battle cries of the enemy.

Your kids can play this piece... well!

This piece, as do all pieces, calls for careful balancing and tuning. The range of this piece falls within a grade 2-3work for younger band. We say 3 because of the rhythms employed. The second clarinets stay below the break, andthe orchestration stays within the somewhat normal and expected parameters of the “young” band.

There are some deviations, however. These reside in the notes employed. There’s nothing so ominous about a’s just another note to be learned. Approach the piece that way. Look at its vocabulary, determine the notes the kidswill need to know, troubleshoot first and then enjoy the piece. Remember my favorite quote from Abraham Lincoln.“If I had 8 hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six sharpening the axe.”

Dynamics should follow the contour of the line.

The group will sound professional and full. There is no difference in these sounds and the sounds that would bewritten for professional musicians. That is our whole approach to STORMQuest!

The PAD Bass is substituted by a combined ARCO Strings and Harp part. Obviously, if you’ve got the personneland the equipment, you can divide the part back into 2 parts. The combined part is orchestrated in such a way as toallow the player to switch from one patch to the other with ease. Please be sure to read “A BRIEF INTRO TOMELILLO MUSIC”. The ensemble of the new millennium requires an awareness of and an appreciation for the electronic component.

An interesting feature in Battle for OneWorld is the contrast between long, legato expressive lines, and the primitive,rhythmic material which should be lifted and accented. This contrast should be illustrated to the students and thenexaggerated in the rendering.


Your kids can play this piece... well!

A great Musical demand of the piece is maintaining the relentless continuity of the rhythmic impetus, and achievingthe required contrasts. This will challenge the younger students to invest great energy in the pursuit of this piece.

Battle for OneWorld... battle cry of the Darkseekers, is but one part of a larger work called STORMQuest... andSTORMQuest is but one part of a mission called STORMWORKS. Within its musical boundaries, structural ideasconnect it to many of its other parts, wherein lies the greater, single message. That message is for you to discover.


In September of 1991, after studying several years with concert pianist Pat Brown, I walked in to the studio ofcomposer, conductor, author, Teacher and now friend, Stephen Melillo. Little did I know that from that moment onmy life would be forever changed. His Music, which stands as a testament to who he is, captivated me. His unfailingpersistence toward his destiny inspired me. His ideals of living and facing life have now reshaped my own. The“Storm” which he speaks of is a powerful one. It is not a storm of rain and thunder, but rather a storm of fire fromwithin’s own true self... yes, perhaps this is what he means by Truefire! His is a vast and pervasive storm about facinglife, the good and the not-so-good, with boundless determination and undying faith. I myself could only aspire tobecome such a person. So I’ve begun my own QUEST by taking this heartfelt step... Into The STORM!



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