Basic Sound Vol.1

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Basic Sound Vol.1

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A Good Start - Silver Creek Valley - 3 Fanfaren - Two Movements - Balletti - Caribbean Summer - Trumpet Rock - Square Dance - Charming Charly - Blond and Swedish - 3 Tops - Pepe! - Caucho - Tiger Rag - Kings of Swing

From S to XXL – Music for any band instrumentation

"Basic Sound" is a series by RUNDEL Music Publications offering an attractive and diversified repertoire to bands at grade 2 or 3 level, of sizes S to XXL. "Basic Sound" allows for performances by groups with limited instrumentation. Minimun requirements are clearly bracketed in the score.
The smallest size (S) of "Basic Sound" is based on the following instruments:
one (1) flute, two (2) clarinets, one (1) alto-saxophone, two (2) trumpets, one (1) trombone, one (1) baritone/euphonium, one (1) tuba and percussion.
Each edition also includes a full set of parts (XXL). That way the conductor can adjust the pieces of the "Basic Sound" series to his band's instrumentation.


01. A Good Start

Luigi di Ghisallo

00:02:44 Music
08-13. Balletti

Luigi di Ghisallo

00:08:14 Music
14-16. Caribbean Summer

Luigi di Ghisallo

00:05:48 Music
17. Trumpet Rock

Luigi di Ghisallo

00:03:05 Music
19. Charming Charly

Luigi di Ghisallo

00:02:33 Music
20. Blond and Swedish

Luigi di Ghisallo

00:02:32 Music
21. 3 Tops

Luigi di Ghisallo

00:02:44 Music
22. Pepe!

Luigi di Ghisallo

00:02:06 Music
23. Caucho

Dick Ravenal

00:02:13 Music
00:03:45 Music
Total time 00:53:45

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