Anton Rosenkranz



Anton Rosenkranz (1827-1888) served as regimental bandmaster in the Hungarian Infantry Regiment No. 76 from 1878 to 1888. In 1876 Lieutenant General, later General Albert Baronet Knebel von Treuenschwert became the regiment’s Inhaber. To honor him, he composed the “76th Regimental March” when the regiment was stationed in Sopron from 1882 to 1898. The march was initially called “76th Regimental Call”, and it was also familiar as “Sopron March” until it finally became the regimental march. The “76th Regimental March” has remained to be one of the marches assigned to specific units during both the First and the Second republics, and it also remained one of the true top favorites among Austrian marches.

Music by Anton Rosenkranz

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