Alpine Holiday

Concert Band

Alpine Holiday

for Wind Orchestra op. 140

Concert Piece, Overture
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Commissioned by the “Bernischer Kantonal-Musikverband“ (Berne County Band Music Association, Switzerland) as the required test piece for their 2014 wind band competition, Alpine Holiday is a large overture for wind orchestra. The work begins with an extended fanfare section at moderate tempo, first played by unison horns, then enhanced and elaborated by the rest of the brass section. The fanfare dissipates after twenty measures, giving way to solo oboe. The harmonic progression behind this short fragment is then repeated by horns with a thicker accompanying texture. This short chord progression returns much later in the piece as one of the principal unifying elements of the composition. An allegro vivo begins with a timpani roll and snare drum, fragments of the fanfare music build to the first statement of the second main theme, which is first introduced by flutes and oboe. The extensive middle portion of the work is mostly based on this second theme. Modulations, re-settings, additional counterpoint and other techniques are used to develop this second idea to a point where the musical discussion is nearly exhausted. At that moment, the chord progression from the earlier slow portion of the work returns, this time as a stately chaconne, a set of variations over a repeated chord progression. The composer intends this portion of the work to express the magnificent grandeur of the Swiss Alps. Six variations follow the initial introduction of the progression. At the conclusion of the final variation, the speedy allegro theme returns, serving as material for the vigorous coda section that brings the composition to a lively, happy ending; rather like a wonderful holiday in the Alps.

List of Contest Pieces SWA (Swiss Windband Associoation) - First (1st) Class - Windband (Harmonie)

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