Air und Bourée

Concert Band

Air und Bourée
Air & Bourée

aus der 3.Orchestersuite in D-Dur BWV 1068

Festive music, Sacred Music
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Johann Sebastian Bach's "Air" from the D Major Suite is one of the most popular and well-known pieces of classical music. In addition to the enchanting original version for strings with harpsichord, this piece has long been heard in all conceivable instrumental settings - a testament to the high esteem that Bach's "Air" enjoys among the audience and musicians, not just the players and Lovers of the stringed instruments.
Often I have been asked to publish a version for wind band in my publishing house. Albert Loritz, connoisseur of matter and specialist in the field of classical transcriptions for contemporary wind band, has orchestrated the piece in a simple and unobtrusive way, without any fashionable addition.
So that the famous worn movement with its almost endlessly flowing melody does not have to be isolated in the concert program. We added the "Bourrée" as a contrast and complement - also from the 3rd orchestral suite - a piece in which the splendor of the wind sound unfolds but Bach himself has three high trumpets and timpani.
Make sure that you excel in the presentation of the contrast between the two pieces in tempo, dynamics, articulation and phrasing.

Siegfried Rundel, publisher

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