A Little Opening

Concert Band

A Little Opening

Fanfare for Concert Band

Concert Piece, Opening Piece, Concert
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“A Little Opening” by Thiemo Kraas characterizes the thrilling and exciting atmosphere of a concert that is to begin in a minute. It is determined by the highest concentration possible of the musicians and by an audience that is eager to learn what will be presented soon. It simply is an atmosphere that is marked by a wide span of different emotions. The tension that is in the air constantly appears as a fanfare throughout the piece as central theme. Moments of utmost concentration alternate with moments of balance and quietness. Frequently changing musical moods testify to the fact how different distinct impressions of both musicians and audience may in fact be. Trumpets and trombones open the piece by a classical sparkling flourish which is contrasted in the following section by a quiet and melodious passage of the clarinets and the euphonium. Rhythmically pushing figures in the low brass and percussion make the clarinets, trumpets as well - later on - the horns stand out in a soloistic manner. This quiet section is brusquely interrupted by an aggressive trombone-fanfare which integrates the central theme, namely the opening flourish. The woodwinds take over this fanfare and present it in staccato in an intermediate section that is expressed as a dance. Then the entire orchestra takes up the theme once again featuring it as a repeat of the beginning. A rhythmical ostinato motif in the woodwinds serves as the basis for the recurring melodious theme of measure 18. Accompanied by a hammering percussion we return one last time to the introductory theme which, this time, is performed in ‘maestoso’ manner. The composition then leads to a great ritardando and finally concludes in a sparkling presto. With greatest gratitude for smoothing the way in numerous instances and moments of utmost confidence.

Dedicated to Hans-Jürgen Wirth on the occasion of his 50th anniversary

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