A Galactic Suite

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A Galactic Suite

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„Lightness is difficult“ – we are invariably made conscious of this fact whenever we are confronted with musical works for preliminary level. These are often simplistic in their concept because composers or conductors mix up a child’s initial lack of instrumental skills with a lack of musical ability. The truth is that it is possible to confront young musicians with complex musical parameters if the instrumental demands made permit a mental and emotional approach to the music. A large number of children’s choirs show us what artistic achievements even children are capable of. This leads us to the question of how pieces for preliminary ensembles should be constructed. In formal terms they should remain easily comprehensible so that young musicians are always able to follow a mental thread. The inter-reaction between horizontal and vertical structures in the creation of musical content must always be clearly understandable; harmonic sequences must correlate with melodic ones and enhance them. A variety of composition techniques can help to prepare young musicians for the mental approach to contemporary music. The performance demands must be approximately the same for all the players involved. In “A Galactic Suite” Michael Zeh fulfils these demands for challenging simplicity. The composer was born in Bietigheim-Bissingen (south-western Germany) in 1979 and began to learn the tenor horn at the age of 11 as well as the piano at 16. After finishing secondary school Michael Zeh studied music education in Stuttgart and also qualified as a trombone teacher. He has taught at various music schools since 2003 and is active as a conductor of wind ensembles. He was awarded a prize in composition in 2008 for his “A Galactic Suite”. The four movements of this suite – “Space Odyssey”, “Orion”, “Mars (God of War)” and “Falling Stars” – are self-contained and can also be performed individually. The composer has based the individual movements on short stories which convey aspects of general education to young musicians without ignoring the methodical and didactic intention of musical abstraction. The composer has given exact information about the minimum number of parts in the score. With “A Galactic Suite”, Michael Zeh has produced a work that can be performed well even by junior wind classes.

1.Space Odyssey
3.Mars (God of War)
4.Falling Stars

From S to XXL – Music for any band instrumentation

"Basic Sound" is a series by RUNDEL Music Publications offering an attractive and diversified repertoire to bands at grade 2 or 3 level, of sizes S to XXL. "Basic Sound" allows for performances by groups with limited instrumentation. Minimun requirements are clearly bracketed in the score.
The smallest size (S) of "Basic Sound" is based on the following instruments:
one (1) flute, two (2) clarinets, one (1) alto-saxophone, two (2) trumpets, one (1) trombone, one (1) baritone/euphonium, one (1) tuba and percussion.
Each edition also includes a full set of parts (XXL). That way the conductor can adjust the pieces of the "Basic Sound" series to his band's instrumentation.


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