36.5° C

Concert Band

36.5° C
36,5 Grad Celsius

- too hot to work -
Latin Groove

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Muenster (Germany), 36.5° C, the sun is blazing.

I really like my office in the attic; it is always the best atmosphere to compose. In summer, however, my room becomes a little sauna on extremely warm days. The thermometer reached 36.5° C one day, and I realized my train of thought,  which had been for weeks on a big concert piece, had wandering off...

The piece was thus created with the anticipation of jumping in and cooling off in the outdoor pool.

I wish you, your musicians and the audience much joy with this little musical "cool-off"!
Muenster, July 2019
Thiemo Kraas

Musical Note:

The piece is based on a rhythmic ostinato, which - with the exception of the bass part - can be found in all parts. This rhythm is noted in different places, but can also be played simultaneously, for example as part of warming up:
Clarinet / Alto Saxophone = bars 1 and 2
Trumpet = bars 5 and 6
Tenor Parts = bars 13 and 14
Drumset = bar 43
Flute / Oboe / Xylophone (Mallets) = bars 45 and 46

Bass part and timpani can take another ostinato from bar 1 or 53.

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