Lonely is the Knight


Lonely is the Knight

Partitur + Stimmen


for Catherine Geach... who brings the Music of Hope
#862 at 4:45 for Band of the 3rd Millennium
by © Stephen Melillo IGNA 1 February 1999...
333 days before the last year of the 2nd Millennium
Commissioned by Raymond R. Reynolds and the Thunder Bay Eighth Grade Symphonic Band Alpena, Michigan
Dedicated to those parents, family and friends, who in the noble support and promotion of school Music programs throughout this country and the world, inspire the next generation of Heroes... by being Heroes themselves.
This piece is technically a grade 2 piece for “young” band. The 2nd Clarinets stay below the break. The French Horns go to their 4th-line “D”, and the Trumpets have an optional moment to their “G”. Despite the parameters, there is great urgency for the mixing of colours and the ever-present demand on the players to intone beautiful intervals and tune to each other with warm and rich sounds. There are, however, some deviations from what might be expected of Music for “young” band. These reside in the notes employed, and of course the sentiment asked for. There’s nothing so ominous about a  Gb ... it’s another note to be learned. Approach the piece in that way. Look at its vocabulary, determine the notes the kids will need to know, troubleshoot first and then enjoy the piece. Remember my favorite quote from Abraham Lincoln.
“If I had 8 hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six sharpening the axe.”
There are, at an immediate level, 4 Concepts to explore:
1. The kids will, at first, want to play the 1/6th, dotted 1/8th rhythm short. “dut - da... or perhaps rush over the 1/6th and play the entire figure too quickly. The marking clearly asks for daa-daa. I would suggest making this a stylistic concern and perhaps a scale exercise.
2. “Tie” vs. “Push” as discussed in STORMQuest, Chapter 14. The discussion is too long to reprint here, but you can read it in the STORMQuest Score Notes
3. Correct interpretation of the 1/4 note triplets as discussed in STORMQuest, Chapter 4.
4. Emotional Dynamics, phrasings with rubato control of Time. By example, at m22, there is a section which clearly calls for rubato and changes in tempi. Rather than imprisoning these in tempo markings, the subtle variations in Time are left for you and the kids to discover and play with and enjoy. Please see “Brief Intro”. As always the PAD Bass and Harp parts are vital new colours in Music for Band of the 3rd Millennium.
As an accomplished violinist, a teenaged Catherine Geach left the comforts of home to bring Music to the war-torn people of Cambodia. Pitted against the forces of the Khmer Rouge, Catherine acquired a one-acre plot, built a school, then recruited students. She learned Khmer, the language of Cambodia and then the country’s musical heritage, the ancient Pin Peat Music. She taught orphaned children how to play the takhe, shaped like a crocodile, the roneat thong, a bamboo xylophone and the large gong vong. It is difficult to appreciate the sacrifice of this Hero, who so unselfishly decided to give herself to the cause of resurrecting another country’s musical heritage, while at the same time bringing Hope to war-battered children. In fact, the thought of her “giving” is quieting and humbling.Lonely is the Knight is a tribute to Catherine Geach, and perhaps a comment on what it is she must sometimes feel in the dead of night, so far from home. I have not set out to imitate her scholarly acquisition of Cambodia’s musical heritage, nor to offer an authentic or even pseudo-Cambodian portrayal. Instead, I have taken the hollow-open of our American sounds, and hinted at what we often consider to be Oriental sounds. This piece is an impression ... an impression of what it must be like to so valiantly give to others. Lonely is the Knight is but one part of “A Wish to the World”, a series of pieces written to inspire the next generation of Heroes ... and “A Wish to the World” is but one part of a personal mission called STORMWORKS. Within its musical boundary of 4:45, thematic ideas which date back to the 1970’s connect it to many of its other parts, wherein lies the greater, single message. That message is for you to discover and enjoy!
Thank you so much for championing this and all STORM works... and for helping to inspire the next generation of Heroes.

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